FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why Should Post Is To Be Public?

Your post should be public because you will be receiving likes from the users who are not even in your friends list. So your post should be public

2. What is Access Token?

Access Token is a code which is generated from Facebook apps and that code is used to login in PostLikers and It will use to get access to your facebook account and give you likes.

3. Why Should i allow Followers?

It is necessary to make Followers for everybody for better use of our Facebook Auto Liker tool. This application will work in public, Public can be set when you are 18+, and so if you allow followers its obvious that you are 18+.

4. Why Posts/Status ID"s Needed?

Post/Status/Photo ID"s are the Unique ID"s given specific to each by facebook, so we need your ID"s to give likes on them.

5. How you get the Status/post/photo ID"s?

Status/posts ID :-

Photo ID :-

6. Do i like other status or photos?

Yes, Your likes and comments exchange with other but we do not sell your likes or token to other. PostLikers is safe for use.

6. Do my ID get Block by using PostLikers?

No, your ID will not block but we recommend you to use Fake ID to get likes because Sometime Facebook block your some activity in Facebook like- liking status, page and comments etc.

6. What is PostLikers?

Postlikers is to help the people to get more likes on their facebook photos and status. We provide you comments also. It is a social marketing system and Our system is based on the online community of users who look for getting likes quickly and easily.